Getting rid of our waste – in a green way

With several sustainable solutions, our Embassy building is in itself a contribution in making the world a greener place. Now, the Embassy compound is planning to becoming even more environment-friendly – by recycling all our waste.

The Embassy in New Delhi has had major environmental ambitions right from the start. The building offers sustainable solutions for water usage, electricity, cooling and heating – and is one of the few buildings in India to make use of geothermal walls! While there are made several environmental solutions for power consumption and water usage, many people are working and living on the compound. So far, the waste that they leave behind has not been recycled.

Now, the Embassy will start recycling and sorting its waste, which will be collected and transported for recycling by a certified company. Dumpsters for different kinds of waste will be put up around the compound, and eventually there will be waste stations for the most common types of waste inside the Embassy. Food waste, plastic, glass, metal, paper and cardboard will be sorted by using different colored bags. In addition, a dumpster will be put up for special and hazardous wastes, such as batteries and chemicals.

With the upcoming World Environmental Day on June 5th, the Embassy’s decision to become even more environment-friendly is a small step towards a greener New Delhi!