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Gender and Politics: UP elections in focus

Marking the key occasions of International Women’s Day and UP elections this month, the Embassy organized a media session on gender and politics this week. Ms Arunima, Associate Editor, CNN-IBN news channel and Mr Aman Sharma, Senior Assistant Editor with Political Bureau of The Economic Times newspaper gave useful insights into the gender aspects of the recently held elections in Uttar Pradesh. Interesting facts such as the number of women voters at 6 crores, new record of sending 40 women MPs to the Assembly and increased voter percentage by women voters emerged from presentations made by the two eminent journalists. Both the journalists also highlighted facts about the women candidates who contested the elections this time, which was followed by an engaging discussion with the audience on issues of politics and the cultural fabric of India.

At the start of the session, the Embassy presented a video speech by our State Secretary, Ms Laila Bokhari, who gave a Norwegian perspective on participation of women in active politics in Norway. The Norwegian Ambassador to India, Mr Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg set the tone of the seminar by talking about the challenges and success stories from Norway, noting the importance of experience sharing between Norway and India on this subject.