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Fraud fighters

Indian invests 25 million US dollars in Norwegian entrepreneur.

The market for security against cybercrime, and cybercrime attacks, is one of the fastest growing in the world right now. The fight against terrorism leads to both states and private companies investing huge sums to uncover money laundering, as well as keeping employees and populations safe.

The Norwegian company IRMI, which does international background checks, integrity assessments and investigations, has positioned itself to take a leading international role in this field. The company is now joining force with Indian Cloud Forensics, signing a contract in New Delhi last month. The owner of Cloud Forensics, Dr. Sachin Pandey, has been building one of India’s leading suppliers of computer security systems over the last 17 years, targeting military and national security services.

‘IRMI has the world’s best setup, and provides services in the fields of compliance, cybercrime, and analysis. Cloud Forensics is now targeting the international financial market, where there is a huge need for these services. We could not have found a better partner than IRMI,’ said Dr. Pandey. May Martinsen, CEO and main shareholder in IRMI, continues: ‘Together with Cloud Forensics, the goal is to become a leading, world-class provider of analysis and services, to combat corruption, fraud and cybercrime.’