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With the help of the Norway India Partnership Initiative (NIPI), nursing schools are being upgraded in rural India to increase the quality and number of skilled nurses and midwives. The decade-long program of innovative healthcare interventions has delivered scientifically proven, evidence-based, successful results contributing to reducing maternal and child deaths in India. Today, NIPI is seen as a textbook example of development cooperation, with a scale-up being recommended country-wide.

As an ode to this unique partnership between Norway and India, a documentary titled ‘I am because of you’ was commissioned by the Royal Norwegian Embassy featuring health initiatives of NIPI across the Indian states of Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Odisha in 2017. It presents real life stories of families in India, who have benefitted from the various programs under the initiative.

Today we present the third in series video from the documentary featuring the Nodal Centres of Nursing Excellence established under the program. Since 2014, over 100 government nursing schools have been upgraded, and more than 20,000 nurses have graduated with the help of NIPI.

Watch the video here.

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