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In response to increasing demand from foreign publishers to have a comprehensive website containing information in English about Norwegian titles, NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad) has created the website Books from Norway.

Books from Norway gives foreign buyers of book rights and journalists information about Norwegian literature and an overview of translators of Norwegian literature. The contents of the website are provided by the rightsholders, NORLA, and the translators themselves.

It is a segment of the literature export project leading up to Norway as Guest of Honour at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2019. An important objective of the Guest of Honour project is to create added international interest in Norwegian literature and give new voices a place in the international market.

“Books from Norway is a new marketplace designed to facilitate an increase in the export of Norwegian literature. Rightsholders of Norwegian titles have gained a new platform where they can showcase titles they believe have potential for foreign sales and foreign book rights buyers have a new venue where they can search for potential titles they would like to see in translation,” says Margit Walsø, Director of NORLA.

The website is also designed for translators of Norwegian literature. Translators have the opportunity to create their own professional profile. Book rights buyers can thereby use the website to find both titles and the right translator.

Books from Norway is a dynamic website and is still undergoing development. Because the contents are created by rightsholders and translators, we have a good dialogue. Our objective is to make the website as useful as possible for both content providers and users.

Explore the Books from Norway site here