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Hydroelectric  - Photo:Statkraft
Norway already collaborates with India on many issues, such as solid waste management, river rejuvenation and hydroelectric power. Photo: Statkraft Statkraft

Every drop counts - Norway «Proud to stand hand in hand with India» in water conservation and rehabilitation efforts

Norwegian companies are ready to apply cutting edge technology and innovative solutions in support of India’s mission to provide clean water for all citizens.

Kaia Bilton, Minister Counsellor at the Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi, re-confirmed on Thursday Norway’s full commitment to support India in its campaign to conserve, protect and rehabilitate rivers and water bodies during the Ministry of Jal Shakti’s meeting with foreign ambassadors. Norway’s cooperation with India is growing, and both sides are reaching out to grasp the many opportunities this entails” Mrs. Bilton said to the Minister of Jal Shakti, before emphasizing that Norwegian companies stood ready to apply innovative solutions to support India’s missions.

Norway already collaborates with India on solid waste management, creation of energy from solid and toxic waste, waste water treatment, hydroelectric power, river rejuvenation and handling of plastic pollution, fish farming, and recycling, and not least initiatives related to the integrated ocean management. During the visit of the Norwegian Prime Minister to India in January this year, the two PMs signed agreements establishing the Indo-Norwegian Ocean Dialogue and Task Force on Blue Economy. No less than three Indian delegations are travelling to Norway this autumn to further this cooperation.

Building upon the Minister of Jal Shakti’s remarks that “the whole world is our family” and that only working together can we deliver results, Minister Counsellor Bilton highlighted how the combination of Norwegian technology and India’s strong determination and willpower had already resulted in innovative projects for instance in river cleaning. In one such project, Norwegian company Cambi will be implementing cutting edge Thermal Hydrolysis technology to pilot a solution for wastewater and sludge treatment.

As inland waterways and water sources are inextricably linked to the oceans, the challenges must be handled in a holistic manner. All these efforts must also be seen as contributions to the Sustainable Development Goals. “Without India, the world will not reach the SDGs, and we are proud to stand hand in hand with India in these efforts”.

The Minister of Jal Shakti speaking with representatives of foreign delegations at the Ambassadors' dialogue.
Speaking with the Minister of Jal Shakti, Mrs. Bilton said that Norway was proud to "stand hand in hand" with India in reaching the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Photo: Royal Norwegian Embassy