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Emission inventories for sound climate policies

Last week the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, the Norwegian Environment Agency and the Indian Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change organized a workshop in New Delhi on the topic of greenhouse gas inventories. The objective of the workshop was to share and learn from each other’s experiences on the greenhouse gas inventory preparation process.

Estimating the levels of greenhouse gas emissions and removals is an important element of the efforts to achieve the objective of the Climate Change Convention. The inventories help to understand the magnitude of the problem and are a key to policy development as well as reporting and monitoring progress towards meeting the targets.

The Norwegian system for production of greenhouse gas inventories is based on extensive cooperation between several institutions. In compliance with its reporting requirements, Norway has submitted national emission inventory reports to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on an annual basis since 1993. In addition, Norway has, thus far, submitted six National Communications to the UNFCCC - the latest being in 2014.

Speaking on the occasion of the workshop, Ambassador Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg mentioned that Norway considered climate change as the most serious environmental challenge facing the world today. Norway was among the first states that ratified and formally joined the International Paris Agreement. He further informed the audience that the main instruments of Norwegian climate policy were carbon taxes and participation in the EU emissions trading system (ETS). More than 80 percent of Norway's emissions are either in sectors covered by the emission trading system or subject to carbon tax.

The ambassador also highlighted that Norway highly values the bilateral environmental cooperation with India. The dialogue and contact is, and has been, one of mutual learning, curiosity and respect. Many interesting projects have been developed under the Indo-Norwegian Joint Working Group on Environment.