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Delhi’s top chefs excited about Seafood from Norway

The Norwegian Seafood Council presented an exclusive Seafood from Norway dinner hosted by the Norwegian Ambassador, Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg, and Yogi Shergill, Director at Norwegian Seafood Council (NSC), India. The networking dinner aimed at presenting fresh salmon, produced in the cold, clear and pristine fjords of Norway. The fresh Norwegian salmon was highly appreciated amongst the executive chefs, sales directors and food and beverage managers who were present from the top hotels in Delhi.

The food was prepared by Chef Saby, who has received the President award as best chef in India.  The scrumptious menu comprised of appetizers and mains like achari salmon, spicy tamarind glazed salmon, chili glazed salmon with chili caramel, salmon coconut malai curry, chive pancakes with smoked salmon, green olive chutney, lemon meringue pie and the list continued.

Ambassador Kamsvåg appreciated meeting the top chefs and hoteliers of Delhi: “I had a wonderful time interacting with all of them.  It was also a great pleasure to see how well Norwegian seafood is appreciated by Indian chefs."

Speaking on the occasion, Yogi Shergill from Norwegian Seafood Council, said that it was an honour to meet so many great chefs from the hotels and restaurants in Delhi. He was happy about the positive response that the fresh Norwegian salmon received, and that several of the guests expressed their excitement about adding salmon dishes to their menu very soon.

Chef Saby and his team of chefs had a great time working with and cooking the fine and high quality salmon. He expressed that the fish lends itself beautifully to cold appetizers, hot starters, mains and other cured dishes. Due to the good quality of the fish, the result exceeded even Chef Saby’s expectations. He claims that the quality and versatility of the Norwegian seafood is unique and unparalleled. “I encourage all fellow chefs, restaurateurs and hoteliers to use Norwegian seafood to improve their cuisine”, the head chef concluded.

About Norwegian Seafood Council
NSC works together with the Norwegian fisheries and aquaculture industry to develop markets for Norwegian seafood. The council aims to increase the value of Norwegian seafood resources. This is done through market insights, market developments, market risk management and reputational risk management in selected markets around the world.

The head office is located in Tromsø, Norway, with representatives in Sweden (Stockholm), UK (London), Germany (Hamburg), France (Paris), Spain (Madrid), Portugal (Lisbon), Italy (Milan), Brazil (Rio de Janeiro), Japan (Tokyo), Singapore (Singapore), China (Shanghai) and USA (Boston).