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Connecting communities through tunneling

On Friday 6th October, The Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India (ASSOCHAM) organized a conference named Underground Space & Tunneling in New Delhi, to which the Royal Norwegian Embassy was a partner. Mr. Helge Tryti, Director of Innovation Norway India, who is also the Commercial Counsellor in the Royal Norwegian Embassy, was one of the speakers at the inaugural session.

The conference focused on the technical aspects of tunneling and underground works. One of the latest tunneling techniques is called Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) and is used in Norway and in other developed countries. In India, drill and blasting is still the most common technique. India is also facing a challenge of collecting and validating the geo data.

Another topic that engaged the participants was a discussion on roads verses tunnels. Although the cost of constructing a tunnel is 10-12 times higher than the cost of building a road for the same stretch, the long-term economic and ecological benefits of a tunnel are much higher than for a road.

Mr. Tryti’s presentation drew a lot of interest in the audience towards Norwegian tunneling prowess. Norwegians have been developing tunneling techniques since 1623 when they were mining silver in the town of Kongsberg. Since then, there have been many firsts to the Norwegian credit in area of tunneling and underground works.

As a part of his presentation, Mr. Tryti showed this video, from the World Tunnel Congress, which took place in June this year.