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Cleaning up our planet – piece by piece

Every minute, fifteen tons of plastic ends up in the ocean. These dramatic numbers may seem unfathomable, but that doesn’t mean we cannot do anything about it. Last week, 90 000 Norwegians did!

The grave problem of plastic contamination in the ocean and on land was in focus last week, when Norwegians all over the country participated in a national “clean-up” campaign. The campaign encouraged people across Norway to clean up plastic and waste in their neighborhoods and on the beaches. And so people did: thousands of youngsters, adults and elders put on gloves, brought bags and picked up garbage across the country!

The participants were encouraged to pay particular attention to small pieces of waste lying around on the beaches, as this is what threatens the ecosystem the most. Recently, a woman in Western Norway found large amounts of plastic waste in the stomach of a cod. This literal example shows how urgent it is to save the environment, and we can all start by picking up the waste around us!

The “clean-up Norway” campaign is an annual initiative by Hold Norge Rent, a Norwegian environmental union that works towards combating pollution. This year, it collaborated with the Norwegian governmental TV channel NRK, which has been broadcasting a new TV documentary on plastic pollution in parallel with the campaign. The collaboration brought attention to the grave problem of plastic pollution, and all in all 90 000 Norwegians participated in the national clean-up.

Are you feeling inspired by the Norwegian clean-up campaign? Here are some simple steps to make your own community cleaner:

  • Consider the packaging of products – this plastic tends to end up in the nature as we eat food on the go!
  • Use fabric shopping bags
  • Simply grab a bag and pick up the waste that you see around you. It doesn’t matter how much waste you gather – a small contribution is better than any contribution!