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Ambassador Kamsvåg delivering his opening speech to the CII's "Windia" wind power conclave.
Ambassador Kamsvåg delivering his opening speech to the CII's "Windia" wind power conclave.

Blown away - «Much scope» for Indo-Norwegian cooperation on wind power

India’s goal of 60 GW installed wind power capacity by 2022 can be met through cooperation with Norwegian companies, says Norwegian Ambassador Nils Ragnar Kamsvåg. In the face of global climate change, more cooperation and research between Norway and India can lead to sustainable economic growth through renewable wind power.

«I am convinced that Norwegian firms have a lot to offer the onshore and offshore wind sector in India. We hope to see increased cooperation on research between Norway and India to develop the wind power sector going forward», the Ambassador stated. 

The remarks came as part of an inaugural speech by the Ambassador to the Confederation of Indian Industry’s «Windia» Wind power Conclave on 7 August. The Ambassador highlighted how Norwegian expertise from renewable hydropower, a long maritime history, and decades of offshore oil and gas activity could open new possibilities for collaboration on offshore wind power in India. 

Major Norwegian companies such as Equinor, Aker Solutions and Kværner have already made use of this knowledge to develop successful offshore wind power projects. As an example of what closer Indo-Norwegian cooperation on wind power can lead to, the ambassador mentioned Equinor’s success in developing the world’s first floating offshore wind park in Scotland. Furthermore, the company recently succeeded in bidding for the Empire Wind project to develop an offshore wind park in the United States that will power more than one million New York homes.

The governments of India and Norway cooperate on energy research and have supported over 20 different projects in the past decade to research on topics ranging from Smart Grids to Energy Storage. Closer cooperation and joint development between companies in wind power would increase the production of green energy, create jobs, and develop valuable competencies for both countries. 

Norway has a long history in renewable power, with over 98% of Norwegian electricity being generated from clean hydropower. In the fight against climate change, the Norwegian government is eager to reduce emissions at home as well as supporting initiatives to reduce emissions globally.