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Aquacultural partnership

One of India’s leading aquaculture companies, Mumbai-based West Coast Group, now moves into close cooperation with the Norwegian AKVA group to mechanize and improve fish and shrimp farming facilities across India and neighboring countries.

India is one of the biggest consumers of seafood in the world and has the fastest growing market for processed fish and seafood. Norway exported seafood for over 90 million kroner (USD 11 million) worldwide in 2016, and is now taking on the challenge of introducing Norwegian salmon to this huge market. Further cooperation in the area of aquaculture can hopefully build knowledge of Norwegian seafood in India and contribute to an increased exchange of knowledge and seafood between the two countries.  

Recently, West Coast Group and AKVA group signed an exclusive distributorship and partnering agreement to join forces in developing the market for modern aquaculture technology.

Senior Vice President – Technology and Development at AKVA group, Mr. Trond Severinsen, said: “We are very proud that India’s leading aquaculture company has decided to partner with us to develop the market for our technology in India. Although most of our business has been, and still is, in the salmon industry, our technology has been exported to more than 65 countries and for a wide variety of species for many decades.”

AKVA group is renowned and recognized as a pioneer and global supplier of aquaculture technology for over 40 years. The company is based in Norway, but has offices in 12 countries and more than 800 staff.

West Coast Group has been involved in fish farming, processing, exports and distribution of seafood for more than 20 years. The company has 500 staff and is based in Mumbai, with representatives across India and in the USA, Europe and Middle East.

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