A warm welcome to our new colleagues

The Royal Norwegian Embassy in New Delhi is welcoming our new colleagues! Just as certain as the sun rising in the morning, August brings with it new faces to the Embassy.

Every summer we have a rotation of staff, and during the last few weeks Kaia Bilton, Giske Charlotte Lillehammer, Pål Johansen and Vegard Halkjelsvik have all settled down and gotten acquainted in their new offices here in Delhi.

First off, we have Kaia who is taking over as Minister Counsellor and Deputy Head of Mission at the Embassy. “I will normally not have any one single area of responsibility, but will be part of the management team. I have had four postings abroad for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Europe and in Asia, but this is my first time in India. I have worked many years with development policies, and for the last few years I was Deputy Director for Migration Affairs in Oslo. I have come to India with my family, and we are all very excited to be here.”



Pål arrived a week ago and he is taking over as Counsellor and head of the visa section here at the embassy. “New Delhi will, in a short while, become the hub for the whole region and it will be exciting to work in this new setting and to get responsibility for several different countries”. Before coming to New Delhi, Pål was the Head of the Visa section in Teheran, Iran.



Giske also steps in as Counsellor as well as being Head of Political Affairs. “My fascination for India was sparked when my mother travelled to New Delhi to participate in the World Archaeological Congress in 1994. She came back with a suitcase of exotic stories and beautiful artwork.  I am excited to have the opportunity to rediscover the country I chose as a topic for my degree many years ago. My hope is to contribute to consolidating Norwegian-Indian relations, tie new and rewarding relationships and explore this vast, culturally rich and growing country with my family.”



Last but not least is Vegard who is our new intern here at the Embassy. Vegard has already been here for a month and is enjoying his stay so far. Vegard has a diverse background of political studies, involvement in sports and as a co-organiser of a music festival back in Norway. “I’m really looking forward to getting a feel of the work done at an Embassy. I chose to apply here in India because of my fascination of the country and its role as a world power. I am very much looking forward to getting to know India, its culture and wonderful people”.


Welcome to India and the Embassy of Norway. We are happy to have you as a part of our team!