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A stretchy, Norwegian adventure in India

Last fall, Norway’s beloved jelly candy, Laban Seigmenn (“Stretchy Man”) was launched in India. This is the first time the iconic candy has been sold outside Norway, but there is one twist to it: The Stretchy Man has become vegetarian.

Most Norwegians have a close relationship to Laban Seigmenn. The human-shaped, stretchy man is found in several colors and flavors, and its jelly consistency makes it possible to stretch and twist it in any direction. In 2017, the Stretchy Man was launched in India, making it the first country to sell the popular candy outside of Norway.

When the Indian version of Laban Stretchy Man came last year, a few changes were made to better adapt it to the Indian market. First of all, India’s Stretchy Man is 100 % vegetarian. The Norwegian candy contains gelatin made by animal products. As many Indians don’t eat meat, the gelatin has been replaced by a vegetarian option. Also, the Indian Stretchy Man comes in other fruit flavors to better fit the Indian customer; one of the Indian flavors is green mango.

After almost three years of research to bring a great product that retains the intrinsic  quality of Norway’s favorite candy and is also Indian in nature, Laban was launched in 2017. According to the marketing research firm Nielsen, the Stretchy Man captured 6% in the Premium Jelly Market Share in a few short months. The consumers have been fascinated by the innovative shape and uniquely Indian flavours of this new confectionary. 

Laban Stretchy Man is manufactured by India’s MTR Foods, which has been a subsidiary of the Norwegian Orkla Group since 2007.  In addition to India, the Orkla Group have markets in the Nordic, Baltic and central European countries.

Watch the playful commercial for the Indian Stretchy Man here!