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Participants at the Amity University sessions on air pollution
Participants at the Amity University sessions on air pollution

A breath of fresh air – Norwegian experts eager to contribute to India’s National Clean Air Programme

The Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) is eager to contribute to the Indian National Clean Air Programme. “NILU is looking forward to contribute its expertise and experiences to efforts in India” said Dr. Alena Bartonova, adding that cooperation between NILU and Indian entities could return great results.

The remarks were given during a three-day session on air pollution hosted by Amity University at its Lucknow and Gurgaon campuses, bringing together prominent scientists from India and abroad to discuss air pollution causes and mitigation strategies.

NILU, a leading European laboratory on air quality, is a central actor in implementing European and Norwegian environmental legislation. The institute also serves as the Norwegian national reference laboratory for air quality, and heads the European Topic Centre for Air, Transport, Noise and Industry on behalf of the European Environment Agency.

Over the last 50 years, NILU has supported the development and implementation of air quality management tools across the globe. The institute is now looking forward bringing its expertise into a cooperative relationship with Indian counterparts to help fulfil the Indian National Clean Air Programme, which aims to prevent, control and reduce unhealthy air pollution in India.