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Jotun in India

Profile interview with Kristine A. Leach, Managing Director, Jotun India

The Jotun Group is a leading supplier of paints and powder coatings. The Group has 63 companies and 37 production facilities on all continents and represented in over 100 countries. Jotun manufactures decorative paints, marine, protective and powder coatings. Jotun opened their first production facility in India in Pune in 2008, mainly offering advance facilities in production and warehousing.

Kristine Anvik Leach, is the Managing Director of Jotun India since September 2017. She has spent 6 years in the company and was previously Regional Marketing Director for South East Asia & Pacific based in Malaysia for over 4 years. Ms. Leach is has a Master of Science, and had various roles within sales, business development and management.

Asia is an amazing and exciting region to work in – so diversified with many markets in high growth. I have recently taken the role as Managing Director for Jotun India, and I am looking forward to driving the business together with this strong team of penguins.

Which expectations from B2B /B2C in the Indian market do you see for future engagements?
Looking at the expectations for the market in India going forward I stay very positive. India’s economy will see positive changes in 2018, with an increased GDP growth of +7%. This strong growth will ensure India remains the fastest-growing G20 economy. Increase in public wages and pensions will support increased consumption. Private investment will recover gradually as excess capacity diminishes. Goods and Services Tax (GST) to improve local business practices are being implemented. Inflation at around 4.5%. Monetary policy is projected to remain tight as inflation expectations have still not fully adjusted down. The need to reduce the relatively high public-debt-to-GDP ratio leaves little room for fiscal stimulus. However, investing more in physical and social infrastructure is critical to raising living standards.


What is Jotuns long term goals in India?

In Jotun we have a very clear corporate strategy, where we focus on 4 segments: Decorative Paint, Protective Coating, Powder Coating and Marine Coating. In India we are present with all segments, and we will continue to drive them forward. Operation wise we will continue to invest in our modern product facility in Pune, to ensure we have capacity for the future. We also acknowledge that India is a unique market, which is why we are currently building a new Research and Development Centre in Pune, ensuring we have products and solutions specifically developed for the local market.


Share your views on how Jotun can push to grow the infrastructure industry in India?

Infrastructure is a key driver for Indian economy, and an important part of the market for Jotun. If you look at our global portfolio of iconic buildings, you will see that Jotun plays a major role in urban infrastructure development globally.  One of many competitive edges for Jotun in infrastructure is our single source focus, where we are able to offer technical expertise and solutions for powder, protective and decorative paints from one single source. Another focus for Jotun in infrastructure is Green Building Concept, ensuring we recommend and deliver sustainable systems for long lasting protection and beautification. With our portfolio of iconic buildings around the world, we have been able to meet the needs of international architects, designers and contractors.


Which challenges do you see for Jotun India?

India as a market is very diversified with an array of different competitors, we have to find our place in the market. We are looking for long-term relationships both when it comes to our own employees as well as our customers. We are looking for people that want to be on a growth journey with us. Focusing on quality and profitable growth.


Which has been the leading segments of Jotun for the past 5 year?

When Jotun started back in 1926 it was in marine business, which explains our strong position in the global marine market. Over the past few years we have seen the Decorative side of the business grow substantially. Jotun has emerged as a leading global trendsetter in color and design. Focusing on developing and delivering high quality paint to both iconic buildings and beautiful homes around the world.


Why are Jotun building the Innovation & Development center in India?

We are continuously working on innovative products and solutions. The reason for building the new Research and development center in India, is that we see India as a massive potential and we want to be close to the market. Developing the products in the market will in our view always be a competitive advantage.