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Education collaboration between India and Norway continues to grow

The University College of Southeast Norway (USN) and Savitribai Phule Pune University (SPPU) have a long-standing collaboration. The scope of cooperation is exchange of students and staff, exchange of academic material, joint research projects and curriculum development within the fields of education, environmental science, biotechnology, health, cultural studies and social sciences.

The Consulate General in Mumbai visited SPPU in December last year. USN was also visiting at the same time, which gave room for discussions on further cooperation, and sharing of the successful collaboration history between these faculties.

Collaborations and mobility of students/staff between India and Norway

More than 200 teacher students (pre-school teacher education and teacher education) have been on placement (internship) in the region of Maharashtra over the last years. In 2014, the Departments of Cultural Studies (USN) and Sociology (SSPU) started a new collaboration, which led to a joint international seminar/work-shop in 2016: “Reclaiming the Body: Gender, Sexuality and Violence.”

The Faculty of Technology, Natural Sciences and Maritime Sciences (TNM) at USN have collaborated with the Bioinformatics Centre and Department of Environmental Science (SPPU) since 2007. Five PhD students from SPPU have enrolled in the PhD program in Ecology at USN. This has resulted in joint supervision and joint publications. In 2014, USN and SPPU got funding by SIU (Centre for international cooperation in education) and the corresponding Indian agency for a 3-year project “Integrative Education and Research in Human Health, Environmental Sciences and Bioinformatics: an Indo-Norwegian initiative.”

Department of Health and Nursing Science (USN) have collaborated with the Department of Health Science (SPPU) since 2015. There has been two-way mobility of students (9) and staff (4) between India and Norway, giving lectures for PhD students and academic staff. Staff from HSN have participated in and been key speakers at a Global Health conference in India.


Increased internationalization of education and research is a key goal. USN displays with this the possibility for long-term collaborations between Norway and India, which benefits both parties. There is ongoing discussions and plans for further expanding the student/teacher exchange and master programs along with initiation of joint research within the fields of childhood, cultural studies and education.  The consulate general in Mumbai is continuously working to facilitate more joint collaborations between institutions in Norway and India.