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13. Oct 2020

Norway-India Joint Commission meeting
The Norway India Joint Commission meeting was held on 13 October. Strong and longstanding collaboration on issues like blue economy, health and trade were discussed.


12. Oct 2020

Norway's new export action plan
The Norwegian Government has launched a new Export Action Plan that highlights the need for the government to build closer relationships with the industry and companies. The plan announces a new unit for export promotion named Business Norway.


12. Oct 2020

Towards a green future
Green restructuring and exports received a push when the Norwegian national budget was announced last week. Amongst several points, the budget states that the economic policy shall serve to create a green future.


01. Oct 2020

Building Resilience of Farmers towards Climate Change
Climate Change is a risk multiplier. The farming community is the most vulnerable to risks caused by climate change. Increase in rain or drought can have serious impact on livelihood of farmers. One way to address the risk is to build the resilience.


23. Sep 2020

Managing the polar oceans sustainably
The Arctic provides both a home and a livelihood for many Norwegians. The Arctic ice melt may open up further opportunities, such as shorter trade routes and increased economic activity in northern waters that previously were covered by ice.


10. Sep 2020

Ensuring reservoir sustainability under a changing climate
India’s The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) and Carioca AS, Norway recently organized a webinar for stakeholders from the Water Resources and the Public Works Departments of the Government of Goa to outline crucial findings of a research projec