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International Romani Day

8 April is the International Romani Day. It is a day to celebrate Roma/Romani culture and raise awareness of the issues facing Romani/Roma people.

In Hungary over the years Norway has supported a number of projects in order to increase knowledge and awareness of Roma issues, promote education, employment and integration of Roma into the broader society. Among the recent projects are: 

  •  “We are here!“

The project of the Roma Press Center aimed to reduce the support of extremist ideas among ordinary people, by overshadowing the one-dimensional thinking about the Roma population.

In their campaign, ordinary and extraordinary Roma people were introduced who are successful in their profession, for example: baker, bus driver, factory director, etc.

  • “Roma Police Club”

The project of the Fraternal Association of European Roma Law Enforcement Officers (FAERLEO) created a model initiative that can support to build trust between law enforcement agencies and those Roma people - mainly youth - who live in segregated and disadvantaged area of the capital city of Hungary.

  • Uccu Pécs Branch

Uccu Roma Informal Educational Foundation has been organizing forums for years in schools, where students can discuss issues related to the Roma without taboos and have a personal meeting opportunity with the Roma trainers. By this project, the foundation established a new group of volunteers in Pécs.

  • Way to the heart through flavors

Colorful Pearls for Southerner Roma Women’s project comprises a food tasting event where Roma women cook and serve authentic and low-cost foods from their own recipes. The long-term goal is to decrease prejudice among Roma and non-Roma people, and to facilitate the social advancement of Roma women. The target group is the Roma and non-Roma population of Pécs.

Video about the project with English subtitles can be found here.

  • Roma Mentor Project”

Bhim RAO Assosiation and its cooperating institutions involved primary school pupils – Roma and non-Roma students to participate in cultural workshops led by selected Mentors. The long-term goal of the project was to change perceptions concerning Roma people and to provide self-esteem for Roma children.

 The Norwegian embassy congratulates all Roma on the occasion of the International Romani Day.