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Information in English about COVID-19 infection in Hungary

For health information and infection prevention advices, see the websites of The National Public Health Center and Hungarian Tourism Agency.

For updated information about coronavirus in Hungary, see About Hungary, the information site from the International Communications Office of the Cabinet Office of the Prime Minister.

COVID-19. Measures in Hungary

  • From midnight on 16/17 March, the borders are closed to travelers from abroad, except for Hungarian and EEA citizens with registered residence in Hungary. This is an extension of previous decisions to close the border for travelers from Italy, Iran, China, South Korea and Israel.
  • All gatherings, regardless of the number of participants, are banned. This does not apply to religious ceremonies, weddings or funerals. Exception may be given for sports events held behind closed doors.
  • All theaters, cinemas, clubs, cultural institutions, museums etc. are closed.
  • Cafes, restaurants and regular shops are limited for opening hours and must close latest at 15:00 p.m. The restriction will not apply to food stores, pharmacies, drug stores and petrol stations.
  • All universities, schools and kindergartens are closed.
  • The authorities especially encourage elderly people and people at risk to stay home.

See more information in the information note document.