Dual citizenship will be allowed in Norway

Norwegian flag - Photo:Maria Athanasopoulou
On 6 December 2018, the Norwegian parliament decided that dual citizenship will be allowed. Photo Maria Athanasopoulou

The Norwegian parliament has decided that dual citizenship will be allowed for everyone who is, or wishes to become, a Norwegian citizen.

The Norwegian parliament adopted on 6 December 2018 a resolution that entitles anyone who is, or wishes to become, a Norwegian citizen to dual citizenship. This means that Norwegians will be able to retain their Norwegian citizenship if they become citizens of another country.

The same principle will apply to citizens of other countries if they satisfy the conditions for Norwegian citizenship. Those who have lost their Norwegian citizenship under the existing rules will be able to reclaim it.

The new rules will most probably not enter into force before the beginning of 2020. Until then, the existing rules regarding dual citizenship still apply

For questions and more information, please visit the website of The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration