Processing time

The processing time for applications is normally up to 15 calendar days after the embassy or consulate has received the application. In some cases, applications are sent to the Directorate of Immigration (UDI), and the processing time in these cases may be up to 45 calendar days.

According to Visa Code Art 23 1st paragraph, the normal processing time for a visa application is 15 days. However, according to Visa Code Art 23 2nd paragraph, that period may be extended up to a maximum of 45 calendar days in individual cases, notably when further scrutiny of the application is needed.

The processing time is counted from the day the application is received at the Embassy until the passport is picked up by the VFS courier in Accra. 

For citizens of certain countries, we must consult other Schengen Member States before granting a visa. In the area of resposibility for the Norwegian Embassy in Accra, this applies to Niger, Nigeria and Mali. This process may take up to seven days and applies no matter where you currently live. For further information and to see which other countries such prior consultation applies to, please visit the UDI website

Apply well in advance

If you submit your application in Cameroon, Côte d'Ivoire, Nigeria or Senegal, please allow extra time for shipping to and from the Embassy in Accra. This can take up to a week in each direction. It is recommended to apply at least 4 weeks before the intended departure.