As a follow up of the Durban pledge, Norway and Ethiopia signed a cooperation on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, conservation of carbon stock sustainable management of forest and enhancement of forest Carbon Stock (REDD+) in 2013.

It is based on three phases:
1) Preparation phase
2)Transformation/investment phase 
3) Payment for Emission Reduction phase

Norway has been working with Ethiopian government, multilateral organizations and civil society organizations (CSOs) for Ethiopia to achieve the ambitious CRGE, Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs), Afforestation/Reforestation/Restoration plans.

During the phase I, Norway has been supporting Ethiopia for REDD+ readiness, technical support to CRGE, and design of the Oromia Forest Landscape Program as a REDD+ pilot program. In phase II, the support focuses on the transformative models where Ethiopia will work towards transforming the forestry sector to contribute to the CRGE strategy. For the transformative phase, Norway committed 100 Million US Dollars (Hundred Million USD) for five years until 2020 to be implemented through the government of Ethiopia and civil society organizations.