Team Norway

The Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa hosted a Team Norway meeting on 5th June 2017 where several Norwegian companies and non-governmental organizations participated. Team Norway meetings are a platform for exchanging information bringing together all Norwegian organizations and companies operating in Ethiopia.

The agenda usually starts-off with Embassy’s current engagements, upcoming activities, and security updates while also harnessing information and status update from each organization on their existing operation and engagement in Ethiopia.At this meeting Norad also presented the new calls for application under private sector development, job creation, technical and vocational education and training with a deadline on 15th of August:

Enterprise Development for Jobs

and Cooperation on Framework Conditions for Private Sector Development in the South

An international maritime company called Shipping and Offshore Services (SOS) with subsidiary in Norway, also presented their planned investment prospectus for Ethiopia in setting up a maritime institution with Norwegian excellence. SOS in cooperation with the government ministries is working to develop mirrored shipping and offshore capacities in Ethiopia and Cabo Verde. The maritime academy will be set-up around the Babogaya lake areas in Debrezeit, 45 kilometer south of Addis Ababa.

All companies that participated on this Team Norway meeting gave a brief status update of their current activities and engagements. There are currently seven+ Norwegian private companies operating in Ethiopia in various sectors including extraction, recycling, health service, and agribusiness, and several more trading with Ethiopian suppliers in horticulture and textile. It was agreed that the agenda/topics for future Team Norway meetings will be set together with all those in the group and other private sector policy institutions.