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Emergency Relief

It was reported on Wednesday 22nd that the UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, Stephen O’Brian, releases resources to stagger the severe hunger, malnutrition and water shortages. The funds will improve access to water and health, nutritional and agricultural services for many of the 785 000 people in the region.

The Norwegian Embassy in Addis Ababa is pleased to see that these funds are allocated to relieve some of the suffering due to drought in the worst affected areas.

Norway contributes with almost 15% of the UN Central Emergency Fund’s budget annually. The needs are comprehensive, especially in the pastoral communities where they have not yet recovered from the El Niño induced drought in 2015 and 2016. 

According to the Humanitarian Requirements Document compiled by the government and partners earlier this year, a total of USD 922 million in humanitarian assistance is necessary to meet the needs for 5,6 million people in Ethiopia in 2017.