Dental Healt Service Support

The Dental Health Service and Training Department received a donation worth of 50 million NOK dental equipment from the University of Bergen and the Embassy provided financial support for transportation and installation of the equipment, purchase of spare parts, and capacity development of staffs and technicians in the dentistry field.

Various speakers form the Addis Ababa University, including the President of AAU appreciated the Government of Norway for the support.  The inauguration finished with a grand tour of the newly installed equipment.

The Ambassador emphasized that Norway and Ethiopia has had a long-term collaboration within the health sector and that the relationship now is a strategic one, based on friendship and common interests. He also expressed that;

“A sustained and dedicated effort by Ethiopian authorities will be needed to bring adequate dental health care to the whole country. Having good training facilities at Addis Abeba University is a good start and I am convinced that the Ethiopian government will put this facility to its best possible use.”