European Film Festival 2019

European Film Festival: Kick It

As part of the European Film Festival 2019, the Norwegian Embassy has the pleasure to invite all interested to the film screening of the Norwegian movie Kick It! (Kule kidz gråter ikke), a sport-drama and family film.

Kick It tells the story of Anja, a spirited young girl who loves soccer, even though her classmate Jonas considers soccer a game unfit for girls. Anja makes use of her sense of humour to deal with Jonas bullying; unaware that his hostility is just a disguise for his love for her. When Anja is diagnosed with leukemia, she remains optimistic and full of energy. She even continues her involvement in the school soccer tournament while still in hospital. When Anja is finally no longer able to participate in the tournament, Jonas comes up with a special plan.

The movie is screened in collaboration with the Norwegian Film Institute. 

The European Film Festival 2019 will showcase 21 films from 14-24 November. The festival features documentary films, historical stories, comedies and drama. These original stories reflect Europe's diverse arts, culture and history.

All films are shown in the original language with English subtitles. We would like all moveie lovers to join us for the unforgettable movie journey!

Vamdas Entertainment Hall 2, Megenagna near Lem Hotel (Google Maps: Vamdas)
Kick It, Norwegian Film, Sport-Drama
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