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| New law on Citizenship

With reference to the New law on Citizenship and the new electronic form for the applicants who wish to regain their Norwegian citizenship (re-acquisition) from 3 February this year, the foreign missions’ receipt of applications for citizenship, including requests for resuming and applications for retention of citizenship and paternity notifications, is postponed.  The reason for this is because there is still a need for clarifications on the division of labor and processes in automated citizenship cases.

Accordingly, a temporary solution is introduced as of 3 February:

  • Applicants can register applications for retention and resuming of citizenship as well as paternal notifications on SpN (UDIs application portal on the internet) as from Monday 3 February.
  • For the time being, the foreign missions will not open for personal visits to the mission to submit applications or supportive documents.

The Section for Consular Affairs will inform the missions on the date where they shall open for receiving applications and registering them in Norvis.  The public must be informed via the mission’s website and the following text can be published as follows:

«As of Monday 3 February 2020 you can register your application for retention or reclaiming of citizenship  or paternity notification on SpN (UDIs application portal on internet). For the time being it is not possible to reserve time to submit applications and supportive documents to Norwegian foreign missions.  Missions will open up for submission of applications once the technical solutions allows for this.»