Doing business in Cyprus

Av praktiske grunner er denne informasjonssiden til norsk næringsliv på engelsk.

In order to facilitate the establishment of businesses in the service sector and the cross border provision of services within the internal market, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism of the Republic of Cyprus has established the Point of Single Contact (PSC Cyprus). The PSC Cyprus Portal ( serves businesses and entrepreneurs, either established in the Republic of Cyprus or in other EU/EEA countries, interested in pursuing their business aspirations in Cyprus.  The PSC Cyprus is located within the premises of the One-Stop-Shop, established in order to reduce considerably the time needed for setting up a business.

PSC Cyprus
13-15 Andreas Araouzos 1421 Nicosia-Cyprus
Tel:  +357 22409318, 321
Fax:  +357 22409432

Norwegian Business Association in Cyprus
Contact Persons:
Jens A. Wilhelmsen, Anchor Capital Management/Songa Offshore, E-mail:  
Christakis Klerides, CMK Finance/Aker Solution, E-mail:
Erik Østbye, Blystad Rederi, E-mail  
Karina Irgens-Hagevik, Independent business advisor, E-mail: