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Newsletter August 2018

suzhou - Photo:teater
“Heart Wings”

Get a preview into some of the events, projects and collaborations that the consulate in Shanghai will be working with in August.

Online schooling for Norwegian children abroad – application deadline 30th August

Globalskolen provides courses in Norwegian (as taught in Norway), social sciences and KRLE (religion and ethics) for Norwegian children attending local or international schools abroad.

All the courses are taught online and are based on “Kunnskapsløftet” and the official Norwegian primary school curriculum. The service is approved and financed by the Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training.

Application deadlines: autumn semester 30th August; spring semester 30th January.     

More information about Globalskolen can be found on their website



Hungry for Norwegian salmon? Hema’s got you covered.

A small, blue, loveable hippo is the newest addition to the so-called “Alibaba Zoo”, representing Hema, the company’s new retail chain. On 21st August, Hema signed MoU with the Royal Norwegian Consulate General and Norwegian Seafood council, affirming the commitment of all parties involved to the promotion of Norwegian Atlantic salmon in the Chinese market.

High-quality Norwegian salmon can now be found at Hema stores spread across the city. If you want your Nordic sashimi without leaving the comfort of your home, Hema provides rapid home delivery within a 5 kilometer radius of the store. Payment via Alipay only.

Most of the salmon sold at Hema is transported unfrozen to China via air freight, and the overall time it takes from the fish leaves Norwegian waters to its arrival at the supermarket in Shanghai is no more than 72 hours, assuring a fresh product for the consumer, just like home. Well, almost just like home anyway.

Feeling adventurous? Try some of these Chinese salmon recipes!



Norwegian performing arts company Teater Joker hit Nanjing and Suzhou for co-production and workshop

In mid-August, the Norwegian performing arts company Teater Joker came to Nanjing for the third time with the Mad Adventure of Baron Von Munchhausen cast. It is a Norwegian version of the show the performers bring with them to Nanjing, where they will co-produce with Chinese performers. This time, they return to finalize the tests and prepare for the final version, which will be presented this autumn.

On 19-21 August, Teater Joker members Niels Peter Underland and Haakon Storm visited Suzhou to conduct a 3- day charity workshop, named “Heart Wings”, for under-privileged Chinese children together with Chinese performance lovers of various backgrounds. See pictures.



PUST at Dance Stage in Shanghai

The Norwegian dance group, Haugen Produksjoner will present Pust/Exhale during the Dance Stage Festival on 24-26 September in Shanghai. EXHALE (2016/2017) is a tribute to breathing, which aims to bring attention to the breath as an interactive element. Dance and original electronic music mingle with original text.  Performers and audiences co-exist inside a giant bubble, or "lung", so that this shared space seems to breathe, and is manipulated and re-shaped into a performance of its own.

EXHALE premiered at the Dance Festival Barents (Hammerfest, Norway), and has since toured Norway and Latvia. This will be the first time the production comes to China. More info in Shanghai will be updated soon.



Norwegian photographer Anja Niemi to put on exhibitions in Shanghai

Anja Niemi will be showing at Photo Shanghai 21-23 September, and there will be a separate exhibition and reception with fashion magazine, IDEAT Shanghai. Niemi and IDEAT have already collaborated on a collection of works titled “Circus Acts”, which will be published alongside a lengthy feature on Niemi in the magazine’s September issue. The exhibition organized by IDEAT will be located in Area Living, and will stay running until November.

The Norwegian photographer is interested in the contrast between how we wish to be seen by the outside world, and that which is our true selves.

«I mange av bildene mine er det overpyntete damer som vil fremstå som perfekte. Men det er de jo aldri. Det kryper alltid noe under overflaten.»

(Norwegian interview with Niemi)