About My Parents and Their Child

09 - 10 Dec 2017
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“About My Parents and Their Child” will be performed at 1933 Micro Theatre on 9 December at 19:30 and 10 December at 14:00.

“About My Parents and Their Child” is a documentary-theater work about the relationship between parents and children in China, its dynamics, tensions, mutual expectations. Commissioned by Ibsen International, the project departs from interviews made in five cities across China with young people (aging 21-38) and their parents. The project attempts, through an in-depth dialogue with parents and children, to find out the changes underwent by the institution of family throughout the span of 2 generations. How are “family values” changing, and why? Is having a child still the ultimate life-fulfilling purpose? How is modernization changing Chinese society, and what’s the residual influence of tradition?

Ibsen in China is supported and presented by The Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing and The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in Shanghai and Guangzhou and Ibsen International.