Welfare cooperation between Norway and China. Invitation to apply for funding for technical cooperation

The Norwegian Embassy in Beijing would like to inform relevant Norwegian and Chinese research, policy or government institutions of the opportunity to jointly apply for support for Sino-Norwegian welfare collaboration. The deadline for applications is 25. October 2019.

The collaborations should aim at strengthening the public-sector competence and capacity to carry out work central to the development of Chinese society, and the on-going efforts to reduce inequality, take care of an aging population, and contribte to the intensified campaign against poverty, within the framework of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

The funds set aside to support these partnerships come from the development budget post for “Knowledge bank and technical cooperation”. For information on relevant priorities for academic cooperation, please see Stortingsproposisjon 1 Kap. 161 Utdanning, forskning og faglig samarbeid (starting from page 132). (in Norwegian only). The goal of the relevant grant scheme in 2019 is to contribute to the following. “Competence and capacity within public institutions in partner-countries in areas where Norway has relevant and sought-after knowledge is strengthened – Knowledge and capacity transfers between partner-countries (north-south-south partnerships) are increased.”

Interested institutions should apply by filling out application form S01 (Application form for project and programme support) and sending it to the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing’s e-mail address: emb.beijing@mfa.no by 25. October 2019. The application form can be found here: https://www.regjeringen.no/en/dep/ud/grants/project_application/id612525/ . The projects can stretch over a period from one to three years. The size of the grant cannot exceed NOK 3 million annually. The amount of funds set aside for each individual project will depend on whether the embassy decides to support one or multiple projects. Funding is subject to Norwegian parliamentary appropriations.

There is significant competition for the grant funds, and the requirements for the quality of relevant projects are high. One condition for grant support is that the institution in question can demonstrate a solid understanding of the challenges China faces in the area of welfare and how Norwegian experiences and competence in relevant areas can help alleviate some of these challenges. Norwegian institutions should apply together with a Chinese organization. A complete and realistic plan for how project funding will produce tangible contributions to Chinese policy is required.

Academic competence, organizational capacity, and the demonstrated ability to obtain results are emphasized in the selection process. Organizations must have robust systems for planning, leadership, and financial management. A solid financial situation that allows the organization to cover potential losses through mismanagement of the grant is necessary. Thorough systems for detection, processing, and reporting of corruption is a requirement. The Embassy also emphasizes that organizations should be run cost-effectively.

Questions may be directed to the Norwegian Embassy in Beijing via e-mail at emb.beijing@mfa.no.