Message from the Ambassador

Ambassador Signe Brudeset

Following the detection of the coronavirus in Wuhan city, Hubei Province the World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus a global health emergency. The virus has spread to several places in China as well as to other countries.

This is a challenging time for the Chinese people, and it also affects the Norwegian community in China. The Chinese government has implemented a wide range of measures to prevent further spread of the virus. This includes restrictions on transportation and temporary closure of tourist attractions, public institutions, schools and universities. Several airlines have cancelled or reduced their flights to and from China. If you are travelling, please be aware of possible restrictions and I advise you to contact your tour operator for the latest updates. Norwegian citizens in China should pay close attention to advise provided by local authorities through local media or other channels. Be prepared for delays and other inconveniences as a result of these restrictions.

I know that the outbreak of the coronavirus affects the daily life of many of us. You may have concerns about your own health, or the health of your loved ones. The Royal Norwegian Embassy and the Consulates General in Shanghai and Guangzhou are following the situation closely. For Norwegian citizens in need of consular assistance, please contact the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Beijing ([email protected]) or the Norwegian Foreign Service Response Centre in Oslo,  tlf +47 23 95 00 00 (operated 24/7). I also urge you to stay informed and follow the official travel information from the Norwegian Government (In Norwegian only), as well as the health information on the Coronavirus published by the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Norwegian citizens currently in China are encouraged to register your stay in the Norwegian Government’s Travel Registry . At the Embassy website you will also find links to information sites in English from local Chinese authorities.

The province of Hubei and the city of Wuhan are going through a particularly challenging time. I extend my deepest sympathy and respect to all those affected by the coronavirus outbreak. In particular, the medical workers and others that are directly involved in combating the outbreak. Please accept our heartfelt thoughts and encouragements.



Signe Brudeset