Bergen Philharmonic Youth Orchestra - Photo:Helge Skodvin
Bergen Philharmonic Youth Orchestra Helge Skodvin

Norwegian Youth Orchestra Coming to China

Bergen Philharmonic Youth Orchestra is coming to China this fall! Previous concerts can also be streamed online.

While you wait for the concerts in China, you can always see and listen to the orchestra on their free streeming website:

Bergen Philharmonic Youth Orchestra (BFUng) is since 2015 the new member of the Music Society Harmonien, which also includes Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra and Bergen Philharmonic Choir.

BFUng has 112 members and the young musicians are coming from all over the Western Norway. This new orchestra is a collaboration between the Grieg Academy, the Department of Music and Dance at the University of Stavanger, and the Barratt Due Music Institute's department in Bergen.

There are monthly rehearsals for the orchestra in Grieghallen in Bergen. Chief conductor is Kjell Seim, Norway's most important inspirer for young musicians. In addition to Kjell Seim, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra's chief conductor Edward Gardner are conducting one project per season. 

Gardner has a great commitment to young musicians. In England, he started the youth orchestra of the Halle Orchestra. He regularly conducts the British National Youth Orchestra and the Julliard Orchestra in New York, as well as the Orchestra at the Royal Academy of Music in London. Other guest conductors have been Kristjan Järvi and Jesus Lopez Cobos.

The creation of BFUng was one of Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra's most important initiatives in the 250th anniversary of 2015. The orchestra is based on the former Young Symphony, which has been for 20 years, and has been Norway's only year-long youth symphony orchestra. The ambition for BFUng is to be a flagship among youth symphony orchestras in Norway, through close collaboration with the Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, its musicians and visiting soloists and conductors, as well as the academic environments of the Western Norway.