Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment attended the Annual General Meeting of China Council

Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment, Vidar Helgesen, participated in the annual general meeting of the China Council for International Cooperation on Environment and Development on December 9-11.

Vidar Helgesen is from 2017 one of the co-chairs of China Council, and this was the first time the Norwegian Minister was attending the annual general meeting. The China Council undertakes policy research and serves as a platform for exchanging views and giving advice to the Chinese government on environmental issues. Greening of China’s Belt and Road initiative, oceans and marine litter were among the issues discussed at this year’s meeting. The Norwegian Minister also met with the Chinese Minister of Environment, Li Ganjie. Li Ganjie is executive vice chair of China Council. 

“Whether China succeeds in fulfilling its visions for a green development is not only important for China, but it is important for the world. China Council is a unique platform for discussing and giving input to China’s development and China’s international policies,” the Norwegian Minister of Climate and Environment says. 

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