Passport Vancouver

The Embassy will be travelling to Vancouver April 1st and 2nd to accept passport applications.

Adults and children over the age of 12 must usually apply for a biometric passport at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Ottawa. However, in April we will travel to Vancouver to accept applications and take biometrics. 

We will be at the Consulate in Vancouver Monday April 1st and Tuesday April 2nd. If you could like to schedule an appointment please reach out to the Consulate directly. 

All Norwegian citizens applying for a passport must have a Norwegian personal number before they can apply for a passport. To apply for a personal number contact your nearest Consulate to set up an appoitment. 

Passport Renewal

You must hand in the original and copy of the following documents 

For individuals over 18 years of age:

  • Norwegian passport (copy of ID page)

    AND one of the following: 
    • Valid Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) card
    • Valid work/student visa in Canada
    • 'Search for Citizenship Records' form from IRCC
    • Valid Canadian passport and documentation of retention of Norwegian citizenship (bibehold) 

Please note that individuals over 12 applying for a passport do not need to bring a photo. Children under 12 can apply for a passport at the Consulate throughout the year. 

The processing time for a passport is 20 working days, after a completed application is received by the Embassy.

Passport Validity 
adult passport: 10 years 
children between 10 – 16: 5 years 
children between 5-10: 3 years 
children 0 - 4: 2 years 

Passport Cost 
persons under 16 years of age - 43 CAD 
persons over 16 years of age - 72 CAD 
courier shipment - up to 30 CAD  

Please note that the Consulate only accepts cash payments.