Norway´s Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Norway's Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Ms. Anniken Hauglie, visited Montréal to attend OECD's Social Policy Ministerial on May 14–15, 2018.

Minister Hauglie was in Canada this week for the OECD Policy Forum and Ministerial meeting entitled Social Policy for Shared Prosperity: Embracing the FutureMinisters responsible for Social Policy in over 35 OECD and partner countries gathered in Montréal to exchange views on their countries’ challenges, opportunities, and best practices in social protection.

During the Ministerial, OECD also launched the report "Is the Last Mile the Longest? Economic Gains from Gender Equality in Nordic Countries", linking women's participation in the labour market to GDP growth. Nordic countries have the highest rate of women working in the OECD, and extensive childcare, paid parental leave and flexible workplaces have contributed to the region's economic growth the past 50 years.