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Norway and Cambodia

The Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok’s main priorities are to promote Norwegian economic and political interests in Thailand and Cambodia, as well as to give consular assistance to Norwegian citizens and provide service to foreigners who wish to visit or move to Norway.

Diplomatic relations between Norway and Cambodia were established in 1976. Norway does not have any official representations in Cambodia today. The Swedish Embassy in Phnom Penh looks after our consular interests, and the French Embassy issues Schengen visas on behalf of Norway. Norwegian bilateral development assistance to Cambodia was phased out from 2001, but Norway continues to support some Norwegian NGOs that are active in Cambodia, such as the Norwegian People’s Aid – one of the world's largest humanitarian mine action organizations. Norway is also a major donor to the Khmer Rouge Tribunal. Bilateral trade is small, and consists mainly of imports of textiles from Cambodia to Norway. There is no significant Norwegian business activity in Cambodia.