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Projects supported through the Embassy Fund in 2010

An overview over projects supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy through the embassy fund in 2010.

Peace and Reconciliation

YiHR. The organization of a civil society forum in BiH, gathering civil society actors from BiH, the EU and the rest of the Balkan region. These civil society actors committed to a citizen-based BiH met in Sarajevo from 14-16 April 2010, and were able to define concrete actions for the future.

Sarajevske Sveske. Support for publication of Sarajevo Notebook magazine, a non-commercial project of MediaCentar Sarajevo which was launched in 2002. The goal is to create a public forum that will foster and encourage dialogue among liberal intellectuals and academic communities.

KID’S Festival. Over 40 000 children from Bosnia and Herzegovina are taken to the Olympic Centre Zetra in Sarajevo to participate in the festival activities, which every day run under a specific motto.   

PACT. Support for a children’s summer camp which takes place on the island of Korcula in August 2010. Funds granted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy are used for the transportation of 80 children from orphanages and other less fortunate places in BiH. It is a multiethnic project with several activities for the children.

Multiethnic folklore section. Support for the establishment of a multiethnic folklore section at Petar Kocic school in Kravica and Konjevic Polje. It was initiated by Nansen Dialogue Centre in Sarajevo, and the aim of the project was to increase the level of interethnic communication and cooperation among students.

Institute for Researching Crimes Against Humanity and International Law. Support for the publication of the book “When Neighbors Were Human Beings”, a story about people who saved Jews in Bosnia and Herzegovina before and during Second World War.

Kuca Povjerenja. A theatre performance based on the old legend of Guber Springs in Srebrenica. The play was prepared by renowned artists from Sarajevo and Croatia, who worked in close cooperation with local artists and art teachers from the region.

Drustvo Srpsko Norveskog Prijateljstva. Support for a delegation from Norway to BiH.

FC Lokomotiva Mostar. Support for two football teams from Mostar, FC Lokomotiva Mostar and Velez, to travel to Norway and participate at the annual football tournament Norway Cup.  See article for more information.

European Movement in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The European Movement is working to inform citizens of BiH about the EU and European integration. The Norwegian Embassy contributed to their project “Lesson on Europe” aiming at spreading information about the EU to the young citizens of BiH.

Depo Portal and Blin Magazine. These two web portals will make an investigating report on the problem of discrimination throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The results will be presented on and in spring 2011. The agenda is to provide an objective, complete, transparent and unbiased picture on the state of discrimination in BiH.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting. The Institute for War and Peace Reporting has made a mini TV series featuring four reports on transitional justice. The reports focus on refugees who returned to their homes following the end of the Bosnian war. See the TV series here.

The Official Contact Group between the Church of Norway and the Islamic Council of Norway. The two Norwegian Contact Groups visited BiH in September 2010 to learn and exchange experiences on interreligious relations and dialogue. Read the article about the visit here.

Organization of the Islamic Conference Fund for Returnees in BiH is working to maintain sustainable return of returnees in Fazlagica Kula in Gacko. Through purchasing agricultural equipment, the Fund for Returnees is securing sustainable return for refugees and displaced persons.

Center for Advanced Studies. The Norwegian Embassy has supported the publication and translation of the Yearbook of Muslims in Europe.



Ahmet Hromadzic School. The Embassy provided funding for the participation of 15 school students at the GEF, World Festival of school creativity in San Remo, Italy in 2010.

Jasminka Pasic. A book project where the Embassy has gathered over 30 Norwegian books translated into the local language, and is distributing these books to various libraries and municipalities across the country. Jasminka Pasic is an actress who is part of this project, as she will be travelling around the country performing Norwegian fairy tales.  

Association for the cooperation of parents and schools in BiH. Building the capacity of parents and mutual trust and tolerance through the Council of parents, which will positively impact on the reduction of segregation and discrimination in schools.

Association of the schools of political studies of the CoE. The School of Political Studies of BiH is a political education programme that focuses on young leaders active in politics, business administration, civil society and the media.

Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies. Development and implementation of regular teaching activities at the Masters level in the field of Religious Studies. The main aim is to continue education and train the post-graduate students from BiH and from the region, in the field of religion and other aspects such as nationalism, violence and human rights.

Astronomsko Drustvo Orion. A co-operation project between Astronomical Society Orion Sarajevo, Royal Norwegian Embassy and NATO. The aim is to purchase 1000 Galileoscopes which will be donated to 1000 schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Student Union of University of Zenica. Organization of a regional student conference for South East Europe and the student festival “Zenica calling” in August 2010. The topic for the conference was “United European Students and the culture of differences”.

Danijela Vilotic. Scholarship for completing law studies at the Law Faculty in Pale.

International Student Festival Trondheim. The Norwegian Embassy has supported the International Student Festival in Trondheim which is the largest student festival in the world. The thematic focus for 2011 is global health, and more than 450 students from over 100 countries will participate in the festival. ISFiT aims at inspiring its participants to make a difference in their own communities, but has also proved to be an important arena for dialogue and discussions on current affairs and international processes. Seven students from Bosnia and Herzegovina will participate in the festival which takes place in February 2011.

Primary School 5.oktobar. The Norwegian Embassy has supported the Primary School 5.oktobar in Sanski Most with books for their school library.

Center for Social Welfare of Canton Sarajevo. The Center for Social Welfare of Canton Sarajevo is together with Save the Children Norway running the Drop-in Center for street children in Sarajevo. The Norwegian Embassy has given a contribution to the Drop-in Center so that they can provide the children with fruit, vegetables and vitamins every day. See article about the Drop-in Center here.

Office of the Center for the Empirical Researches of Religion in BiH. Will together with a group of lecturers from the Universities in Sarajevo, East Sarajevo, Banja Luka and Tuzla issue the journal “Discourses: Society, Religion, Culture”. The purpose is to foster dialogue between Universities in different parts of BiH and to initiate a scientific discourse about society, religion and culture.

Second Gymnasium Sarajevo. Installment of bicycle racks in order to allow students to come to school by bicycle. The project has been initiated and implemented by the students in order to promote a healthy and eco-friendly way of transportation to the school.


Election and Democratization

Why Not. This project aims at raising the level of knowledge, interest and political engagement of the citizens of BiH and BiH diaspora for the upcoming general elections in October 2010. It will address such problems as the general public’s lack of information about the election programs and issues addressed by the parties, lack of motivation for participation in elections, neglecting of issues crucial for the welfare and the low usage of new technologies in the election process.

NGO Center for education and democracy. The project aims to increase awareness of youth when it comes to elections in BiH, to enable young people to achieve significant impact in the elections in 2010 through the project “Let Your Voice Out”. Through workshops, forums, promotions, survey and newsletters they will find out how young people think, and to provide them with the ability to combine theoretical knowledge from a large number of functional areas and skills.

ATV. Alternativna Televizija is based in Banja Luka and reaches and audience of over four million people. The Norwegian Embassy supported their pre-election campaign “Let`s go vote”. Through producing and broadcasting TV-spots aTV encouraged people to vote in the October 2010 elections. The goal with the campaign was to raise awareness of the elections and motivate people to vote. The TV-spots can be seen here.

Vermont Youth Centre, Brcko. In connection with the October 2010 elections, the Vermont Youth Centre initiated the project “Cast your vote”. Through organizing lectures and seminars, media campaigns and lobbying the youths increased awareness on the importance of voting.

COD Luna. The project “Initiative for Multi-Sectorial Civic Representation in Republika Srpska” aims to contribute to democracy in Republika Srpska by increasing transparency of public institutions and authorities on all levels, involvement of the young population in social and political life and availability of relevant information through alternative media channels.

Foundation for Education, Ecology and Democracy. The project “Youth City Parliament” is to be implemented in all municipalities in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The concept is based on a copy of the local city parliament, and the goal is to increase the influence of young people in local politics.

LI Woman. Language speech vs. Tolerance project. The aim of the project was to determine how the language of hate was spread during the election campaign 2010. The Woman association LI Woman was observing the election campaign in Canton 10, West Bosnia Canton, and the results from the survey was presented on the local radio station.

Democratization Policy Council. The project “Municipalization: popular governance for Bosnia-Herzegovina” aims to promote a new constitutional model for BiH built upon a foundation of strong and well-resourced municipalities, with only one layer above: the state. According to DPC this system of governance could address both the functionality and accountability failings of the current system. DCP aims to develop a broad civic coalition behind the concept, and use the completed model and financial analysis as a platform for an advocacy campaign to reset the limits and dynamics of the debate on BiH`s future as well as strengthening the prospects for democratic consolidation.


Juridicial Sector

The Registry. The creation and development of a database for witnesses at the Court of BiH. Due to the lack of a database, administration papers concerning witnesses have been filled in paper and kept in cabinets. The database will benefit not only the Court of BiH, but also other regional and cantonal courts in BiH with exchanges of information.

Supreme Court in Republika Srpska. Donation for the furnishment of the Supreme Court - the courtroom, the meeting room and the judge offices.

Linda Popic. Additional funding for the independent research publication conducted by Linda Popic: Compensation payments for war victims, transitional justice and conditional international credit in BiH.

Institute for War and Peace Reporting. Support to ensure the continuation of the Facing Justice radio programme in the Balkans for another 3 months. Facing Justice is a very popular weekly half-hour radio programme on war crimes and transitional justice issues, produced by IWPR in cooperation with Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

Nadja Skaljic. Support for a six months internship at the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia in The Hague.

Gram Concordia in cooperation with Stecak Norway. Establishing of free judicial help and advice in the region of Zenica. The project will be carried through by the NGO Gram Concordia together with lawyers from the association for young Bosnians in Norway, Stecak.

Institution of Human Rights Ombudsmen in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The Institution of Human Rights Ombudsmen made four special reports on the rights of children with disabilities, the rights of persons with disabilities, the right to pension and on the human rights situation for elderly persons in BiH. The reports were presented in connection with the Human Rights Day 2010, and can be downloaded here.


Security Sector

Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac. Financial support to purchase a truck with snowplough to aid transportation of food and students. This will in particular be useful for returnees in the Municipality of Bosanski Petrovac, since the snow blocks the roads in the winter. 270 km of road had to be cleaned last winter so that milk production could continue and the children could get to school.

Ministry of Defence – Logistics Command in Doboj. Donation by the Embassy to the Ministry of Defence of equipment for trucks for transporting and the demolition of unstable and surplus ammunition.

NATO HQ Sarajevo – ROUM MES. Support for demolition tools that will make the demolition of explosive ordnance more efficient. This project was established to assist AF BIH capacity to demolish and destroy ammunition and explosives in BiH.

NATO Advisory Team. A project which provides English language training to civilian personnel from the  Presidency of BiH, as well as the Ministry of Security and Foreign Affairs.

Handicap International South-East Europe. Support for a project to decrease the risk and impact of landmines and cluster munitions on civilian populations in close cooperation with local partners and authorities. See article for more information.

NATO-seminars. Support for the organization of several workshops on NATO issues in BiH.

NATO HQ Sarajevo. Equipping of the military library in Travnik Barracks.

NATO Advisory Team. Establishing of a humanitarian demining center for AFBiH, including 2 multimedia classrooms fully equipped for demining and EOD-training.


Employment and Infrastructure

Centre for Development and Research. By addressing the issue of the efficiency of municipal water services in BiH, its purpose is making the public audience and the national authorities aware of the necessity of establishing the regulator in the water sector.

Krusnica Fish Hatchery. A fishery project in Bosanska Krupa with the aim of ensuring sustainable and independent operation of the hatchery. See article for more information. 

Ljubinje Association. Purchase of necessary office equipment for the Association for Rural Development “Hercegovka” in Ljubinje.

Eco-Line. Eco-Line is working to contribute to sustainable rural development through promotion of organic agriculture as well as promotion and development of responsible rural tourism. The Norwegian Embassy supported their project “Support to vulnerable families through sustainable exploitation of natural resources“- aiming at organizing the production and sale of pomegranate juice.

Republic Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises. The Educational Reality Program “Moj Biznis” is produced by Republic Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises together with RTRS- Radio & Television Republika Srpska. The semi-finalists in the program “Moj Biznis” were taken to Norway to learn about entrepreneurship and the Norwegian business environment. The program could be seen every Wednesday at 8 pm on RTRS.

REZ Agency. With an aim to promote and enhance possibilities for self employment for young people, REZ RDA will in coordination with five municipalities from central Bosnia organize educational courses. Direct beneficiaries will be young unemployed people.

Muslim Aid. Muslim Aid will organize educational courses for farmers in the Eastern part of BiH. Through seminars and lectures the farmers will learn about organic agriculture so that they in the future can produce vegetables in an eco-friendly way.

NGO Infohouse. The project “Volunteer finance 2010” gave more than 4000 high school students trough out BiH the chance to work as volunteers for one day. The money they raise goes into the “Social Day Account” and the participating schools develop concepts for social projects which are presented at the Idea Fair. The best five projects are implemented, with the funds collected during the Social Day. The Volunteer-Finance initiative started in 2007. It is designed to foster social volunteering and integration among Bosnia and Herzegovina’s youth and business, as well as to boost the self-confidence and the prospects of the young.



NVO Novi Put. Support for a youth film festival in Bihac from 1-4 October, 2010. The festival focused on promoting human rights in regional languages, and all movies were made by high school students.

Sarajevo Film Festival. An international film festival that takes place in Sarajevo each year. The Norwegian Embassy has supported this festival for several years. See article for more information.

eFM Student Radio. “Radio Protectorate”- a radio show about Europe and the European countries. In cooperation with the Norwegian Embassy eFM Radio will broadcast a program about Norway; culture, society and history. The Norwegian Ambassador will be interviewed and Norwegian music and culture will be presented.

Puppet Theater Mostar. Performance of the theatre play “Karius and Baktus” in various primary schools throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina. The theater group has focused specially on schools divided by the “two schools under one roof” principle, and the school children have been participating in the play which is based on the book “Karius and Baktus” by the Norwegian author Torjørn Egner.