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Projects supported through the Embassy Fund in 2009

An overview over projects supported by the Royal Norwegian Embassy through the Embassy Fund in 2009.

Peace and Reconciliation

Sarajevo Notebook (Sarajevske Sveske): Support for publication of Sarajevo Notebook magazine, a non-commercial project of Media Center Sarajevo which was launched in 2002.
Goal to create a public forum that will foster and encourage dialogue among liberal intellectuals and academic communities.

Norwegian Medical Association: Reestablishment of contact and dialogue between doctors in Belgrade and Sarajevo irrespective of ethnic background by engaging them in the common professional project of training of general practitioners on treatment of patients with mental health problems.

APSCBIH: The Association for Parent and School Cooperation in Bosnia and Herzegovina will through the project “Parents in action for better schools”, building the capacity of parents through the Parents council, protecting children’s rights and creating mutual trust and tolerance within segregated schools.

Association of Gacko in Sarajevo: The main aim of the project is to give aid concerning the reconstruction of houses and improvement of living conditions for the return of Bosniaks to Gacko Municipality which started in 1999.

Arsa Consulting: Production of a documentary showing the consequences of propaganda on Bosnian public media in the last 15 years, which will give better understanding of the media and their role in war and peace propaganda in order to ensure healthy environment for better relationships among Bosnian communities.

SABNOR: Federation of antifascists and national liberation war veterans of Bosnia and Herzegovina for publishing the monthly magazine “Glas antifasista”, which aims to promote emancipation, anti-discrimination and democratic rights for all citizens.

Association of the blind in Zvornik: The main aim of the project is resocializing of the blind community through sport activities in Zvornik.

Inter-religious Institute: Organization of the conference “Balancing between freedom of speech and right to religion in the 21st century”, with participants form Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.

Helsinki Committee: Build Brigdes, not walls! Festival, also encompassing the third International School for Global understanding in April in Mostar. The main aim of the project is to emphasize on the many possibilities and aspects of multicultural societies, involving local authorities, public institutions and the civic and private sector through the cultural festival.



Medical Faculty in Tuzla: Support for the 6th Medical Student Conference in Leiden, Netherlands, where 7 medical students, enrolled in the 4th and 5th year at the Medical Faculty in Tuzla, will each present scientific projects and be enrolled in workshops at the conference which is took place in March 2009.

Young Lawyers Association of Bosnia and Hercegovina: Participation in the international law competition Jessup Moot Court Competition 2009, Sherman & Sterling World Rounds. The Jessup Competition is an advocacy contest in which teams of students write briefs and present oral arguments before a simulated International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations

Internship at ICTY: Aid for law student Harund Gadzo concerning a three month internship with the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in the Hague.

Internship: Financial support for participation of Lejla Hasanaovic at “The Pat Cox Program at the European Parliament in Brussels”.

Master Studies: Scholarship for a two years Master Studies in: Managing quality in health at the University of Economy in Sarajevo, in partnership with World University Service Austria (WUS Austria) for dr. Jasminka Kurilic.

Financial support: For further studying at the University of Eastern Sarajevo in Pale, where student Dejan Vilotic is obliged to pay a student’s fee concerning his master’s degree in finance and economics. 
School project: Installation of an air condition system in the Secondary School "Mihailo Petrovic Alas", Ugljevik, thus providing students and professors with better working and studying conditions.

EUFOR School Competition: Award ceremony for children and students that have submitted drawings, essays, DVDs and group projects on the themes “The EU-Beauty of Diversity” (students 15-18 years) and “EU&BiH- growing together” (children 6-14 years).

Elementary School Bosanski Petrovac: Participation at the GEF- World Festival of school children creativity in San Remo, Italy, where 8 children (4 Bosniaks and 4 Serbs) will participate from the Elementary School Ahmet Hromadzic in Bosanski Petrovac, performing a Bosnian National Dance at the festival.

International cooperation of schools: Prva osnovna skola Ilidza has been in partnership with Åsheim School from Trondheim since 2006. Funds from the Royal Norwegian Embassy are provided for coverage of travel expenses.


Juridical Sector

Prosecutor’s Office of BiH: Support for the secondment of an international legal officer. The grant will sustain capacity of the Office of the Prosecutor to continue in an ongoing trial.

Central Election Commission of BiH: International conference “Local Elections 2008- Lessons Learned”. The purpose of the conference is to give the election commission the opportunity to evaluate the work during the municipal elections that were held in October 2008.

IZVOR: Transport of witnesses that are to appear before the court in a war crime case.

Court of BiH: Participation of lawyer, Maja Kapetanovic, at the conference “4th International Expert Meeting on Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity”, in Oslo in May this year.


Employment and Infrastructure

Water supply: Assistance for clean water, supplying the local health centre and returnee homes in the local community Johovac near Doboj.

BH Crafts: Support to BH Crafts handicrafts program. The core of the project is to secure yarn for normal functioning of handicraft production within the BH Crafts’ program.



Scholarship: Education in Master of sciences in the field of protection and life saving system for Major Haris Gazic at the University of Sarajevo, in order for Mr. Gazic to continue in the position as Head of Foreign Language in AFBiH.


Women and Children

SOS Kinderdorf International: The project “With Children around the World”, SOS Kinderdorf aims to help children learn about basic geographic, natural , social and cultural characteristics and values, using play and different creative activities as the basic methods of work.

Friendship Schools: Financial support for a school visit from Austmarka Primary and Secondary School to Velika Kladusa, Todorovo Elementary School. Austmarka Primary and Secondary School has been involved in fundraising which will be donated to Todorovo Elementary School financing a new sport shall.

Kid’s Festival:  The festival will be held between the 12th- 17th June 2009, where over 40 000 children from Bosnia and Herzegovina are bussed to the Olympic Centre Zetra in Sarajevo to participate in the festival activities, which every day run under a specific motto.

Save the Children: Conference on education and peace organised by Save the Children. Session on cooperation between relevant duty holders with a concern for education in order to support BiH reform in the educational system, with emphasis on challenges and future tasks of BiH on the way to European integration.

PACT: Children’s camp which takes place in Croatia, on the island of Korcula between in June 2009. Funds granted by the Royal Norwegian Embassy are provided for transportation of 80 children from orphanages and other less fortunate children to Korcula. The camp is a multiethnic project with several activities for the children attending. 



Fund raising event: Project music and colour for hope and healing, a fundraising event representing different cultural activities which will benefit the new paediatric cancer ward in Sarajevo.

Mozaik Foundation: Support for the BiH corporate social responsibility award Dobro09, awarding the most socially responsible business of the year and promoting and encouraging CSR concepts throughout the country, held on the 14th March 2009.