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Projects supported through the Embassy Fund in 2008

An overview of the projects supported by the Norwegian Embassy in 2008

Peace and reconciliation

1.Women of Srebrenica; Publishing of “Bilten Srebrenica” . "Bilten Srebrenica" is a leaflet which seeks to inform about the activities in search of dissapeared persons and the news from the ICTY.
2.Youth Resources Center; "Participation of youth minority returnees in decision process on local level". The main objectives are to include youth minority returnees in decision making process at local level and to ensure protection of youth minority returnees rights.
3. NGO GARIWO; Dusko Kondor Civil Courage Award. The award commemorates civil courage. Dusko Kondor was a high school professor in Bijeljina, member of the Heslinki Committee for Human rights in Republika Srpska. Kondor was assassinated in his own home in Bijeljina in 2007. Price Watee House Coopers.
4.Prosecutor’s Office Registrar, Office of the Registry;  Funding for the establishement of the database project for the Special Department for War Crimes.
5.Youth Center “Everybody together” Stolac:  Bringing life to Stolac. The center aims to initiate the meeting of the young people of Stolac in order to end the separation of the members in the community. The Youth Center aims to offer alternative activities and create a multifunctional space open to everybody.
6.Peace action children`s team PACT; Summercamp for orphanage children from the region.
7.Municipality of Oslo; Old Town; Young people in the municipality Old Town, invited Bosnian youth to summercamp on Husbergøya, Norway . The summercamp is the second fase of the exchange program between Konjic and BiH.
8.IZVOR; Create a network of institutions, groups and organizations in BiH, with the purpose to assure support and to provide information to witnesses, which are witnessing or are to witnes, before the Court of BiH in cases of war crimes and organized crimes.
9.Sarajevo Mediacenter; Publishing of “Sarajevo Notebook” (Sarajevske Sveske). This publication is distributed among national and ethnic communities from the region of former Yugoslavia in order to create a public forum that will foster and encourage dialogue among liberal intellectuals and academic communities.
10.Tutti 2008; Reconciliation concert in Mostar 04. July 2008. The concert is a cooperation between the city of Mostar, Pavarotti Music Centre and Tutti 2008. The participating children performed norwegian and roma music, as well as music from the Balkans.
11. Transcultural Psychosocial and Educational Foundation (TPO);  Democratization of BIH through education reform - Teaching Religion at the Universities of BiH.
12.Centers for Civic Initiatives CCI BiH; Monitoring work of BiH governments and parliaments. The goal is to increase effectiveness and acoountability of elected government and parliament officials in BiH, through monitoring and analysis.
13.Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Republika Srpska; Court support network in Bijeljina, aimed to initiate activities on dissemination of information on an promotion of the work of the Court of BiH,  in particular on the work of it’s War Crimes Chamber.

14.Centre for peace and democracy development; “Initiating the process of reconciliation in the Dayton Triangle”.The aim of the project is to gather a generation of young political leaders from the region, and train them to conduct the processes of reconciliation within their own organisations and communities to promote dialogue, cooperation and collaboration.


15.Public library in Sekovici;Create study room where children and young people can meet. The study room is fully equiped.
16.Association Alumni of the Center for Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Studies; Publication of the book “An introduction to Human Rights”.
17.National Library Srebrenica; Create new study and multimedia hall.

18.United World College and Interantional Baccalaureate Organisation in BiH; Science laboratories in Gymnasium Mostar. Science laboratories are to be used for laboratory classes within science courses for mixed groups of the students who are studying according to the local curricula.
19.Youth Council of BiH; Practical education of young lawyers by mean of Case Study methods. The main subject of the project is education on legal documents, papers and arguments used in criminal and civil proceedings before the courts in BiH. Workshops in Banja Luka, Mostar, Tuzla and Zenica.
20.History teaching Study trip: Mr. Nikola Cica, Ms Arna Daguda Torlakovic, Mr Boro Bronza; Participation of 3 history teachers on Euroclic Bristol conference.
21.University of Oslo: Teacher exchange program between Univerity of Oslo and University of Sarajevo.
22.OSCE Mission to BiH; Education Department; Culture of Religious Training Program seeks to promote post war reconciliation and instil in today’s BiH youth the values of civil society including respect for one’s religious beliefs, tolerance and understanding of oneself and others.
23.Young lawyers Association of BiH; Representing  BiH at the Jessup Moot Court Competition Shearman& Sterling International Rounds in Washington D.C, with 5 young representatives, all students of University of Tuzla’s Law Faculty.
24.Lions club Vågå; Bridge to Bosnia and Herzegovina. The project aims to contribute improving conditions for learning, education and pedagogical activity at the school “Donja Vidovska”, Velika Kladusa.
25.BiH Judge Association; Participation in the annual Judge Association in Yerevan, Armenia.

26.Nansen Dialogue Centre Mostar; The project will support the reconstruction and preparation of one classroom in Stolac High school for joint extra curricular activities.

Employment/ Infrastructure/Trade

28.Youth Center Bijeljina; Application course for young unemployed people.
29.MOLIM; Molim is the name of a clothing factory in Srebrenica. The goal is to create new jobs in Srebrenica and to establish a socially and economically sustainable factory that eventually will be run by the women of Srebrenica and produce orders for customers and designers for the northern European market.
30. Research and Organizational Development Association (RODA); The Equality and Labour market. The project purpose is to decrease the social exclusion and discrimination of unemployed, socially endangered women.

31. BHcrafts; The main aim of the project is to strengthen handicraft production within Bhcrafts program, by assisting Bhcrafts to develop a sustainable structure and business.


32.Foundation “Ung Agenda 21”; International Children’s Conference on the Environment. Children from Bosnia participated at the conference. The aim was to increase the children’s understanding of environmental challenges.


33. BiH Ministry of Defence(organizer); MoD workshop on resettlement/reintergration policy and practices for refundant defence personnel. The aim is to foster dialogue and cooperation among the various stakeholders, in particular between countries with a developed resettlement scheme and BiH MoD.

34. BiH Ministry of Defence; Project will provide Logistic Support to English courses in the Mini Centers in Rajlovac, Banja Luka, Tuzla, Capljina, Doboj and Travnik. The project will aim to develop personnel at all levels who can understand and execute standard NATO doctrine and tactics and communicate effectively with NATO and other international partners using English language.

35. BiH Ministry of Defence; The project will assist Ministry of Defence of Bosnia and Herzegovina to establish a language testing system, for the personnel of the Armed Forces and defense institutions.

36.Prism Research- marketing, media and social research; The aim of the project is to conducting a research on opinions and attitudes of citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina toward NATO. The survey will consist of nationwide survey research and 5 focus groups that will be held in Banja Luka, Mostar, Sarajevo, Bijeljina and Trebinje.

Women/ children

37.NGO ADA in cooperation with Una Sana Canton; Rehabilitation centre for children with special needs.
38.Women Association LI- Woman Livno; Election and Gender. The main target is to make women more visible in public life by public advocacy.
39.Women center La Strada; Direct support to trafficked women. The financial assistance will go to safe and secure accomodation, hygienic items and medical help.
40.International womens club Sarajevo; Walk for life .

41.International Forum Bosna, Center for Gender Studies; “Analysis of influence of religious identities and religious heritage on gender identity and gender roles construction among student population in Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The aim of the project is to identify attitudes that describe relationships between gender and religious identities among the student population from the Pedagogical and Law Faculties, as well as attitudes that have direct consequences on women’s rights in BiH.

42.Interantional Forum Bosna, Center for Education; “Tolerance and education of teachers”. The aim of the project is to strengthen knowledge about tolerance, religious principles and conflict resolution among teachers. Experts from the Center for Education will carry out workshops in Jajce, Prozor- Rama and Visegrad.


43.Sarajevo Film Festival; Talent Campus seeks to allow young film talents the access to further education; an entry to the network of European and international film industry.
44.Munib Delalic; Publication of  “Sjeverno od Svega” (North from Everything).The book is an introduction of modern norwegian poetry and literature written in Bosnian language.
45.Jazz Fest Sarajevo; 12th International Music Festival Jazz Fest Sarajevo 2008. The festival is designed to put BiH on the map of cultural activities of high importance and set into currents of European and global cultural life. Norwegian artists will attend the festival.

46. East West Center: Production of the Henrik Ibsen Play Nora

47. Association of norwegian-serbian friendship: Gordana Vukovic. Exchange of cultural similarities and experiences.