Elections in Norway 2021: Vote in advance - Photo:valg.no
Elections in Norway 2021: Vote in advance valg.no

Elections in Norway 2021: Vote in Advance

On 13 September this year parliamentary and Sami parliamentary elections will be held in Norway. Voters staying abroad may cast their vote between 1 July and 3 September.

Voters living or residing abroad may vote in advance at foreign service missions or specially appointed polling stations. An overview of where you can vote can be found at valglokaler.no.

Remember to bring valid ID when you go to cast your vote.

If you do not have the opportunity to contact a foreign service mission or polling station, you may vote by mail. See valg.no for more information on how you can vote from abroad.

In Bangladesh you can vote at the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka during the Embassy's opening hours. We recommend making an appointment in advance to avoid a long wait at the Embassy. Contact emb.dhaka@mfa.no to get an appointment, or for information about postal voting.

Vote in time!

If you are abroad on election day and want to vote in the election, you must vote in advance. In Norway you can do this from 10 August until 10 September. Casting your vote on election day must take place in your home municipality (where you are registered in the electoral roll per 30 June 2021).

It is not possible to vote several times.

Who can vote?

You have the right to vote in parliamentary elections if you

  • are a Norwegian citizen
  • will have turned 18 by the end of 2021
  • are, or have ever been, registered as resident in Norway

You must be entered in the electoral roll in a municipality on election day for your vote to be valid.

Ballot papers are not used for advance voting abroad, but you must bring identification with you when you vote.

The Sami Parliamentary election

In the case of Sami parliamentary elections, you must be entered in the Sami Parliament's electoral roll in order to be able to vote. You can apply to be introduced on sametinget.no. The application must be submitted to the Sami Parliament the day after election day at 17.