The result of your application

As a main rule, the new passport should be collected in person from the Embassy where the application was lodged. Once the Embassy has received the new passport from Norway, you will be notified that the passport is ready for collection. 

If you do not wish to collect the passport in person at the Embassy, you must either organise and pay for a courier company or provide a pre-paid self-addressed return envelope if the passport is to be forwarded by mail. Please note that the Embassy accepts no liability if a passport is lost or damaged in the mail.

Please be advised that before the new passport can be received, all previous passports must be cancelled. If you need your passport between lodging the application and receiving the new passport, you must hand in your current passport to the Embassy for cancellation once you no longer have need for it, or bring it in for cancellation when picking up the new passport.

Please note that it is your responsibility to transfer any current visas or permits linked to the old passport to the new passport.

In exceptional circumstances, your application may be rejected. If your application has been rejected, you will receive a written explanation as to why it was rejected and information about your right to appeal the decision.