Before you apply

For general information about loss of citizenship and application for retention, please go to the UDI website.

All enquiries about application for retention of Norwegian citizenship should be addressed to UDI or the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Bangkok. 

To qualify for retention of citizenship, you must have stayed in Norway for a total of six months. These six months can consist of several short stays/holidays. If you have not stayed in Norway for a total of six months, you can still keep your Norwegian citizenship if you have have a strong connection to Norway. When the UDI decides whether you have a strong connection, they will put emphasis on whether you are currently living in Norway, or you have by mistake been issued a Norwegian passport that is valid after you turn 22.

You must apply before you turn 22. If you apply after you turn 22, UDI can nevertheless consider your application if you cannot be blamed for failing to meet the deadline, or if it would be unreasonable if you were to lose your Norwegian citizenship.

If you turned 22 before 1 September 2006, special rules apply. Please contact the UDI to clarify what rules apply in such cases.