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New Travel Restrictions to Norway

Norway introduces new restrictions on travel from Monday 9th of November. Requirements for testing upon arrival are being introduced and travellers may be placed in quarantine hotels after entry to the country.

We expect these rules and requirements to be regurlarly updated. Make sure you get the latest information from the Government, the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration and HelseNorge before you travel to Norway.

Those who plan to travel to Norway should be aware of the following requirements:

Quarantine and quarantine hotels

  • All visitors arriving in Norway from countries and regions with a high or very high infection rate ("red" or "grey" countries) must go into quarantine for 10 days. Please note that all countries outside of the Schengen/EEA area are considered to be red countries for this purpose.
  • Persons arriving in Norway who are obliged to go into quarantine must stay at a quarantine hotel during the quarantine period. Information about quarantine hotels is distributed by the police at border crossings and other arrival points in Norway.
  • The following visitors are excepted from staying at a quarantine hotel:
    • Persons who are resident in or own a residential property in Norway.
    • Business travellers whose employer or client arranges suitable accommodation in a single room, asylum-seekers and resettled refugees.
  • Persons arriving in Norway must travel directly to their place of quarantine, and put on a mask immediately prior to arrival at their quarantine accommodation.
  • You must complete the full 10-day quarantine period, even if you test negative. COVID-19 tests will be available free of charge at your quarantine hotel.
  • For the quarantine hotel, an excess of NOK 500 per night must be covered by any private person not travelling for work. If you are travelling for work an excess of NOK 1500 per night will apply.

How to quarantine

  • Persons in entry quarantine must only leave their accommodation if they are able to avoid close contact with everyone other than those they are staying with.
  • Persons in quarantine must not enter workplaces where other people are present, or schools or kindergartens.
  • It is not permitted to use public transport, except to travel to or from an airport, port or other similar place of arrival in connection with your arrival/departure.
  • For more information about quarantine, visit

Certificate of negative COVID-19 test

  • Foreign nationals arriving in Norway from a region subject to a quarantine obligation must, with certain exceptions, present a certificate confirming that they have had a coronavirus test with a negative result. The certificate must have been issued within the past 72 hours in order for you to enter Norway.
  • The certificate must be written in Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, English, French or German.
  • The certificate must refer to an approved test method - PCR or the rapid antigen test.

Test centres and symptoms

  • We encourage everyone arriving in Norway to get themselves tested.
  • There are test centres at selected border crossings which offer free testing to private travellers.
  • Persons who become ill must go into isolation and contact a doctor.

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