The Embassy welcomes new Honorary Consul General in Papua New Guinea

The Embassy is very pleased to welcome Mr Ian Clough as our new Honorary Consul General in Papua New Guinea. Mr Clough is the 3rd generation Honorary Consul General for Norway in PNG after his grandfather was the first ever representative for Norway to the Pacific’s largest country.

Mr Clough was born in Papua New Guinea (PNG) and spent all of his early life living in the capital, Port Moresby. As one of the earlier citizens of the newly independent Papua New Guinea in 1975, Mr Clough is proud of his PNG heritage.

Leaving to work in Australia after completing his education and beginning his working career, his plan to spend a short time overseas gaining experience in a larger market was derailed when his career took off and he met his wife.

After forging a successful retail career in one of Australia’s biggest companies, he returned to PNG to add value back to his family’s business and to the community.

As the Chairman for one of PNG’s most reputable businesses, he also maintains a director role on the Sir Brian Bell Foundation while also sitting on the Council of St John PNG and the Port Moresby Chamber of Commerce. The Sir Brian Bell Foundation is a not for profit organisation that provides significant support to programs, projects, organisations and individuals to improve the health and education outcomes for Papua New Guineans.