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Annual Meeting whith MIREMPET

The Norwegian Embassy and the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Petroleum held the annual meeting of the Petroleum for Development program on Wednesday 10.04.2019. The program is a partnership between the two countries that have significant oil resources, whose objective is to share experiences and strengthen Mirempet's technical capabilities for the sustainable management of Angola's oil resources.

The meeting was chaired by Luis Antonio, Director of the Exchange Office of MIREMPET and Håvard Hoksnes, Minister Counselor of the Norwegian Embassy. A representative of the Secretariat of the "Oil for Development" program and of the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate was also present.

The annual meeting served to balance the activities carried out in 2018 and prepare activities for the year 2019.

At the end of the meeting, the Director of International Exchange Dr. Luis Batista António emphasized the importance of the program.

"We are talking about a cooperation that dates from the beginning of the decade of 80. And it is a very current and pertinent cooperation because it allows to increase the control of the activities developed by the oil companies that operate in Angola"

For its part, Synnøve Vea of ​​the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate stated that although reduced in number of institutions, the program is very important for both countries.

"It is not a major program in terms of size, but it is a very important program for Angola in terms of improving the sustainable management of oil resources and for Norway because after several years of being in the oil sector we want to contribute to a success story. Said Synnøve Vea