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Study visits to Oslo european Green Capital 2019

Throughout 2019, the City of Oslo will give international delegations an opportunity to
learn more about the solutions that contributed to Oslo winning the coveted title
“European Green Capital 2019”.
Through the title, the EU has given Oslo the task of
being a role model to other cities and to share our
solutions. The study visit programme gives international
professionals the opportunity to experience these
solutions first hand.

Types of study visits
A typical study visit could typically be an hourlong
introduction to Oslo as the European Green
Capital, an organized excursion or a full-day
programme, where the participants meet local
environmental and climate stakeholders within the
municipality, local green businesses, or
organizations. The type of study visit depends on your needs, the
capacity of municipality, and the available time to
plan your visit. Study visits are free of charge. However, the
participants must cover their own travel, food and
accommodation expenses, including all transport
within the city.

We offer five topical study visit programmes:
 Climate Action
 Green Mobility
 Circular Economy
 Urban Development
 The Blue and Green City
The topics show the wide range of environmental
and climate issues that the City of Oslo is working

Arrange a study visit
Contact our study visit coordinator to make
arrangements, and describe which topics you are
interested in. Capacity is limited, and at busy
times, we cannot guarantee that we are able to
organize a programme. We urge you to contact us
as early as possible, no later than one month prior
to your planned visit. Please note that there will
not be any study visits on public holidays or on

For more information:
Johan Willem Nicolaas Verbeek Wolthuys
Study Visit Coordinator
[email protected]