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Ambassador visited Girassol Farm last week

Ambassador Kikkan Marshall Haugen visited Girassol farm in the locality of Loge Grande, Nzeto municipality, Zaire province. Girassol farm is one of the largest Angolan agribusiness companies, whose products can be found in almost every supermarket in the country and that is already preparing to export some of its products to other countries in the region. On this visit, the Ambassador was accompanied by the governor of the province of Zaire, Pedro Makita Júlia.
The farm currently employs more than 1,500 workers, mostly Angolans and has Norwegian funding under the Private Investment Fund of Angola, in partnership with other financial institutions.
"In my opinion, the work of the Girassol farm is very important. The farm does exactly what the Angolan government wants - it produces locally, substitutes imports, creates jobs and saves foreign exchange. I am very happy that Norway has invested in a company like this and is contributing to the diversification of the economy of Angola. And the products are very good!" said the Ambassador at the end of the visit.