The establishment of the Albanian Mapping Agency

Albanian mapping agency.jpg
Norwegian Ambassador Mr. Per Strand Sjaastad giving a Speech at the State Authority for Geospatial Information (ASIG) in Tirana

The necessity of a well-functioning mapping agency is obvious. A property register – the cadaster - is necessary to facilitate social and economic development in Albania. A functioning property register helps to secure investments in real estate, provides incentives for foreign investments, allows for loans secured by real estate and is essential for sustainable land management.

It has been a priority for the Norwegian Government to support the establishing of a modern mapping agency in Albania. The Norwegian Mapping Authority has also focused on building skills and capacity within and outside of State Authority, so that solutions are sustainable.  

In addition, Norway has supported the establishing of the Albanian Sea Map Agency. This is essential for the development of the maritime sector in Albania. Norway is prepared to assist in this development – being among the leading maritime nations in Europe and beyond.

This project has also had an EU dimension – aligning Albania with EU legislation and the EU Inspire Directive, and thereby also promoting the EU integration of Albania.

Building a country and its infrastructure is a step-by-step process. It takes skills and endurance. Albania has made great achievements the last few years, but still has some ways to go and needs to be strongly committed to further improvements. Norway has been engaged and assisted in the Albanian development process for some time and will continue to support the progress in the years to come.

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